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Owner - Operator



Providing professional, efficient, and accurate motor grader services with over 10 years of grading experience.  Comfortable working with new construction, reconstruction, or gravel surface maintenance. Experience working in various locations from cities with granite curbing, country roads, and parking lots. Able to work on union jobs and for all types of companies or jobs, large or small.  Communicate well with inspectors to ensure the work goes smoothly.


 Operating a Modern CAT 140 M3 AWD with Grade Control.  Ability to use cross slope to match the specifications of the customer.

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Granger Grading is an Owner & Operator run business.  I am experienced, reliable, and effecient with over 15 years of equipment operation experience, and over 10 years of Grader operation.  After working for companies it was time to start out on my own, purchase my equipment and begin this business.

I am comfortable working for all types of companies and all types of jobs. I am confident you will find my experience and skills will help your company get your jobs done efficiently and accurately.   Please reach out to discuss working together, I look forward to hearing from you.

- Matt

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